In today’s day and age, where the world continually becomes more absorbed into a rat race, rising stress levels and its effects are not hard to see. People across all ages, gender orientations, religions and cultures are victims of this ill health which manifests itself in unnatural sleep patterns, low metabolism, anxiety and stress disorders and much more. However, the worst part is that most people are unable to find the time or extra financial resources to afford help on these matters. This is where TILA® comes in.

How TILA® Helps You Regulate Your Sleep Cycle and Find Peace

TILA® is a mobile application that helps people regulate their sleep cycle and find peace through meditation. Unlike many would have you believe, meditation is not a concept that everyone can grasp at the first try. This is why TILA® offers a range of specialised services which are efficient at tackling matters of the body and mind, through its extensive bank of original nature sounds, audios, binaural sounds, guided meditations, white noise, ASMR, and bedtime stories in Spanish which help you to wind down after a long day. Indeed, the combination of these sounds, chosen by those who are experienced in the field, makes TILA® an absolute necessity for those who have difficulty reconnecting with their inner selves.

The best part about TILA® is that it is catered specifically towards the Hispanic community. The above statement is significant on several levels. Firstly, being created particularly keeping Spanish speakers in mind, TILA® features a negligible chance of translation error. Secondly, the platform can be specialised to include other features of localisation, such as mental and physical characteristics singular to Hispanics. Christian Rojas, the founder of TILA® launched it keeping in mind the aftereffects of the pandemic which hit the Hispanic community especially hard.

Look Towards A Better Future With TILA® by Christian Rojas:

TILA® is available for both iOS and Android users. At present the community is quite small, which makes it harder to achieve the end goal of a permanent improvement in users’ standard of living, as community and reach plays an important role in the process. However, with your help this can soon change. To know more about how to use the app and the ways it can help you maintain your health and fitness levels, make sure to check out the links given below.

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