TILA® is the premium solution app that makes falling asleep easy. The app helps the sleep-deprived and anxious to find rest and get more sleep. It is created exclusively for the Hispanic community.

TILA®: The App for Rest, Meditation, and Sleep

A glance at today’s news will leave anyone feeling like the world is about to end. The situation is further worsened by the fact that the world is yet to fully recover from a pandemic that took everyone unawares. For most people, the stress of coping with the mental and economic effects of the pandemic is much more than they can bear. This has led to a situation where insomnia and mental health cases have more than tripled in recent times.

TILA®: The App for Rest, Meditation, and Sleep

To make things worse, getting a good rest or sleep is fast becoming a luxury nowadays. A study conducted in 2021 revealed that the average person only gets 6.5 hours of sleep per night. This statistics is a far cry from the 9 hours of sleep that was common in 1910. But despite the seemingly bleak situation, all hope is not lost. With the TILA® app, sleepless nights and a life filled with stress could be a thing of the past.

TILA® is a Spanish emotional health app specially made for the Hispanic community. The app promises to help its users meditate, rest, and sleep better. It comes equipped with original nature sounds, audios, binaural sounds, guided meditations, white noise, ASMR, and bedtime stories in Spanish to enable one easily relax the body and mind. These recordings were created and specifically handpicked by experts in the field of mindfulness and wellness. In essence, TILA® is a combined creation of psychologists, doctors, meditation experts, sleeping experts and therapists.

TILA®: The App for Rest, Meditation, and Sleep

What to get from TILA®

Mind-breathing exercises

The TILA® app has a mind-breathing exercise section that is regulated with a timer. Doing the exercises several times in a day is guaranteed to put one’s body and mind in a serene mode.

Healthy sleep

The focal point of TILA® is ensuring that its users achieve deep rest and wake up filled with energy. This is why the app comes with a unique selection of nature’s relaxing sounds, music, ASMRs, and bedtime stories that users can pick from. What’s more, Edgar Vivar, the famed actor who appeared in the most popular Mexican series of all time as the character ‘El Chavo del 8’, is among the voices narrating the bedtime stories. Apart from lending his voice as a narrator, Edgar Vivar also fully endorses the app.  Similarly, there is a “To Dream” section that gives off feelings of peace and harmony.

TILA®: The App for Rest, Meditation, and Sleep

Meditation tools

TILA® is equipped with a meditation section that is ideal for both beginners and experts. Its guided meditations are available in four different voices and have been proven to help beginners find their footing. There are also 7-day and 20-day meditation programs that encourage dedication and consistency. In addition, TILA® has quick meditation programs for when one has little time, and meditations that are made to match one’s emotions.

Baby TILA®

Mothers and their little ones are also not left out. There is a Baby TILA® section that is specially curated with the appropriate bedtime stories, lullabies, meditations, white noise, and relaxing music that will have both mum and her baby falling asleep in no time.

Market reception

Since its launch, TILA® has been enjoying rave reviews from satisfied users. Daniel Navarrete, one of TILA®’s users, has this to say, “I thought meditating was complicated. TILA® helped me rest well, now I don’t feel exhausted the next day, I have enough energy to face my day.”

One can get more information about TILA® across its InstagramFacebook, and Twitter handles.

TILA® is available for download on both Android and Apple devices at an accessible price.

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